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Related article: Affairs of the Heart Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional and not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, then you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story! My email: or Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 AIM: JCVascardi Previously Kevin breaks the kiss with Ashley, and apologizes to him for doing it. Ashley insists that he doesn't mind, but Kevin insists that kissing Ashley was a very big mistake, considering that his wife hasn't even been dead for a day yet and he's already kissing someone else. Another man no less. Is it possible that Jackie Littrell is right? Could it be possible that Kevin is indeed bisexual? Mrs. Lansbury and Zachary chat for a few minutes on the phone. Zachary informs Mrs. Lansbury that he will be returning to Middlebury soon as he will have to arrange for a substitute to cover his classes at the high school. As well as dropping off the graded mid-term exams, and laying out a lesson plan for the substitute. Mrs. Lansbury informs Zachary that the family lawyer, who also serves as the corporate attorney for Smith Industries, Incorporated, has been ranting and raving that it is highly imperative that the family get back to Middlebury very fast and tie up all of the loose ends regarding Donald's estate as quickly as possible. Zachary informs Mrs. Lansbury that he is not going to allow Jonas Kensington to walk all over him. Jonas forced the family to speed through everything involving the estate of Katherine Smith, Donald's late wife and mother of his children. The reading of her Last Will and Testament took place before she was even in her grave, and Zachary is determined Preteen Girls to not allow Jonas Kensington to do that again. Kevin returns his sons to the nursery, and finds his mother there. Jackie had decided to allow Kevin to tell everyone about his choice in names, as well as his decision to name Ashley as Jordan and Jeremy's godfather. Anna is very proud of her son and pulls him into a hug. After the hug, she asks Kevin if he enjoyed kissing Ashley, and Kevin is completely caught of guard as to how his mother could possibly have known about the kiss that he had shared with Ashley. Zachary, Diana, Kerr, and Scott show up in Ashley's hospital room to break the news to him. Surprisingly, he doesn't freak out, as they had all expected him too. He looks down at his legs for a moment, and then carefully gets out of bed, and stands up, hanging tightly onto the bed for support. His family is overjoyed that he's gotten the feeling back in his legs. Ashley immediately takes over the situation and sends someone to go and get a doctor because he wishes to check himself out of the hospital. Kerr voices his opinion that perhaps that isn't the best idea, because Ashley will surely require some physical therapy. Ashley silences his cousin, simply telling him that at the moment, his only concern is to get back home to Middlebury, where he is obviously needed. He says that he can get the physical therapy that he will undoubtedly need at a later time. After getting dressed, Ashley settles himself into a wheelchair, and gets ready to go home. He stops off in the waiting room to say goodbye to everyone, and Tim, Jerald, and Anna take this time to all hug Ashley, thanking him for saving Kevin's life. Anna wishes Ashley God speed back to Middlebury, and then Ashley replies that it won't take all that long, that they'll all be home in about an hour and a half. In saying this he mentions that Diana will fly them in a small aircraft from Burlington International Airport to Middlebury State Airport. Joey inquires about this comment, and Diana informs his that she possesses a pilot's license, which Joey thinks is cool. Four hours later, the Smith family and Scott are sitting around in the lounge at the Smith family home, talking about the funeral arrangements for Donald. When the doorbell rings, Zachary gets up and leaves the room to go answer it, since he had given Mrs. Lansbury the afternoon off so that she too could properly grieve for her late employer. Zachary is to say the least, surprised to see who it is at the door. It's Seth and Bruce Hall, the identical twins with whom Ashley was involved in a threesome relationship with for five years. Eventually, everyone ends up in the lounge, and they get caught up with Seth and Bruce. Bruce Hall is of course working on the NBC Daytime drama, "Passions" as Reese Durkee, the high school nerd. He says that he enjoys doing the show and working with some really cool people, not Preteen Girls to mention some really hot guys. Diana rubs it in that she could already have been a practicing physician had she decided to go into medicine, when Seth reveals that he still has a few more years before he can be referred to as Dr. Hall. Seth replies to Diana that not everybody is smart enough to breeze through high school in nine weeks and get accepted to college at the age of ten. Diana admits that that's true, and tells Seth that if he ever needs any help with his studying or anything, that she can probably help him. Bruce asks Diana how many degrees she has at this point, and she informs him that she has bachelor's degrees in physics and calculus, master's degrees in accounting, business, and computers, and is working on her doctorate degrees in psychology and law. Seth asks her if she thinks she has enough degrees yet, to which she replies that one can never have enough education. Seth isn't one bit surprised at that answer. Chapter 10 The following day, Mrs. Lansbury answers the door, and her smile fades away completely, as she sees who it is. "Please come in, Mr. Kensington." "Where are they?" "They're in the study, Mr. Kensington," replies Mrs. Lansbury as she takes the coat and hat that are handed to her. It is really not the time of year that one would really need to be wearing a heavy black trench coat, but Mrs. Lansbury assumes that for a person with as cold of a heart as Jonas Kensington, he has a need for it. Jonas Kensington doesn't even bother to knock on the closed study door, and lets himself in. Without a word to anyone in the room, he walks across the room, puts his briefcase on the desk and sits down at the desk. "First off, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to you all," replies Jonas, as he motions towards the Smiths, totally ignoring the presence of Scott Foley and the Hall twins, "Now, it is imperative that we get down to business. I've come here today..." "Before you say another word, Jonas," replies Zachary, as he interrupts him, noticing the look of displeasure on Jonas' face at Zachary calling him by his first name, "I am going to tell you this right now. I am not going to repeat myself, so you had better listen now, and get this firmly imbedded in your head. You are not going to pull what you did after my mother's death." "I haven't got the faintest idea what you're talking about," replies Jonas, coldly. "Oh, I think you do, Jonas," replies Ashley, "Diana doesn't remember because she was a newborn. But Zachary, Kerr and I are all old enough to remember it. You forced all of us to race to get all the loose ends tied to my mother's estate wrapped up as quickly as humanly possible. Hell you made sure that her Will was read before she was even in her grave. That is not going to happen." "I beg to differ, Ashley. It most certainly will be being read today, as it is imperative that the loose ends of your father's estate be wrapped up immediately." "I don't think you heard me," replies Ashley, as he raises his voice to an almost deafening yell, "MY FATHER'S WILL IS NOT GOING TO BE READ TODAY! IT WILL BE READ AFTER HE IS BURIED!" "NO IT WILL NOT!!" screams Jonas in an even colder tone then any of the present people have ever heard him use, "I told you it WILL be read today, and that is final!" "Just who the fuck do you think you are?" asks Kerr, "Coming into this house, and ordering people around? If Ashley and Zachary say that Uncle Don's Will is not going to be read today, then that is the way it's going to be. So just shut the fuck up, Jonas!" "I will not," replies Jonas, "It is imperative from a legal standpoint that Donald's Will be read as quickly as possible so that Smith Industries will not suffer financially." "Now it's my turn to disagree," replies Diana, as she stands up and approaches the desk, "There is no reason for the Will to be read Preteen Girls today." "With all due respect my dear, you have no knowledge of law, so I suggest that you just sit down and be quiet." "Excuse me?" replies Diana, who is obviously more then a little angry, "I don't have any knowledge of Law? Jonas take a look behind you and tell me what you see. You see that thing on the wall there? It's a master's degree in Law, issued by Harvard Law School, which happens to have my name on it. I am currently two weeks away from getting my PhD in Law, so don't you dare come into my home and tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to law." "As I was saying, it is imperative that..." replies Jonas, rather coldly, before Diana Preteen Girls once again interrupts him. "Oh shutup Jonas. It is no where near imperative that my father's Will be read today. Whether it's read today or two weeks from now, it doesn't make a damn difference. The Will is not being read today, and that is final. If you continue to persist on this matter, I will have no choice but to fire you." "You don't have the power to do that you stupid woman," replies Jonas, "Now you need to just sit down, and shutup. Stop pretending that you know what you're talking about and waiving around fake degrees in my face. Better yet, why don't you go into the kitchen where you belong you stupid bitch." "Excuse me? You're coming into my home and calling me a stupid bitch? Oh I Preteen Girls think not," replies Diana, with a fury in her eyes that rivals the fires of Hell in intensity, "YOU'RE FIRED, JONAS KENSINGTON!!" "You stupid bitch! If you think for one minute that you have the power to fire me, you are truly more stupid and insane then I thought you were, " replies Jonas, "Now shut your big, fat mouth before I do it for you!" "Big fat mouth?," replies Diana, as the fury in her eyes only grows to an even more frightening level, "Oh that does it! You've gotten on my last nerve. I am going to say this one more time, and one more time only! YOU'RE FIRED JONAS!! And if you do not vacate the premises immediately, I shall have to have security remove you!" "I'm not going anywhere," replies Jonas, "I said it before, and I will say it again. You do not have the power to fire me you stupid, insignificant bitch. Women have no place in business, or law, or anywhere else except for the kitchen. It is the will of God that women remain in the kitchen barefoot, doing their only right and proper duties. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Now I suggest that you get out of my sight and back into the kitchen where you belong." "You're trying my patience, Jonas," replies Diana, "I've asked you once, I will not ask you again, get out of my house. You no longer work for Smith Industries, Inc, and you no longer work for the Smith family. Now if you do not get your ugly self out of my house right now, I will have you thrown out." "As I said, I'm not going anywhere," replies Jonas, very coldly, "It's you who needs to be going. To an insane asylum if you think that you have the power to fire me." Diana just looks at Jonas coldly for a minute, before picking up the phone on the desk and dialing a number. Within minutes, a team of four young and muscular security guards are standing at the door, awaiting instructions. "I want you to take this chauvinistic bastard and remove him from this house immediately," replies Diana to the guards, "And make sure that he doesn't come back. If he does, call the police and have him arrested for trespassing." The guards simply nod to Diana, before all four of the guards grab Jonas Kensington and forcefully remove him from the property. ---- Nick and Brian look our the ajar door into the conference room at the Plaza Hotel. It would seem as though there are at least a hundred reporters and cameramen gathered in that conference room. As if every major television network affiliate and news publication has sent a representative to the press conference. "Well, Nick, I suppose that we should get in there now." "Yes, I suppose that we should, " replies Nick, looking just a little nervous, "Come on Bri, let's just get this over with." Nick and Brian open the door fully and walk out into the conference room and up onto the makeshift stage that has been set up. The two of them stand behind the podium, as Brian motions with his hands for everyone to sit down, as Nick speaks into the microphone, "If you will all please quiet down, we have a statement to make. Following we'll answer some questions." Brian looks out over the crowd of reporters, who all have their pens or pencils positioned above their notepads to start writing the second that he speaks, and clears his throat a little before speaking, "As I'm sure you've all heard by now, there was a shooting this morning. Tragically, my cousin Kevin's wife, Kristin Willits-Richardson was fatally wounded in that shooting and she died earlier this afternoon." "Kevin would have been here himself," replies Nick, "But he is of course too distressed over the loss of his wife, and is right now where he belongs: Mourning with his family." "We will now take a some questions," replies Brian, as practically every hand in the room shoots upward, and Brian points to a young female reporter in the second row, who in turn stands up and gets ready to ask her question. "It seems that there were two other people involved in this shooting. Who were they?" "The famous model, Ashley Smith, and his sister, Diana," replies Nick, "We met them at our concert at the Garden the other night, and almost immediately hit it off and became good friends." "What was the extent of their injuries?" asks an older female reporter in the first row. "Ashley was shot in the back, and Diana in the shoulder," replies Brian, "Both have been released from the hospital and are on their way back to their home in Vermont." "Yes?" replies Nick as he points to an older male reporter in the third row. "There's a rumor floating around that Kristin was pregnant when she died. Is this true?" "Yes, it is true," replies Brian, "Kristin was pregnant with twin boys. They were delivered earlier this afternoon by cesarean and are doing just fine." When Brian finishes answering the question, Nick replies, "Okay, that's all for now," before he and Brian leave the conference room. ---- The next day, Ashley sits in his wheelchair at the head of the dining room table, sipping a cup of coffee, as Mrs. Lansbury serves him, Zach, Diana, Kerr, Scott, and the Hall twins breakfast. Much to Diana's displeasure however, she was not able to convince Ashley to tell Zachary to go sleep in his own room, so that Seth and Bruce could crawl into bed with Ashley, just for old times sake. Of course, Preteen Girls Seth and Bruce weren't much help either, and insisted that they both are over Ashley, and have no desire to crawl into bed with Preteen Girls him, now or ever again in the future. Ashley, Seth, and Bruce didn't split up on bad terms, but they've both since realized that perhaps they'd be better off if they just remained good friends and not tried to be together again. Despite the fact that the three of them were officially together for five years, their relationship was always a little strained because of the fact that Ashley had such a major crush on Kevin Richardson, not to mention the fact that Ashley always did feel just a little odd to be dating two guys at once. And when he was at family gatherings, he always felt kinda awkward introducing Seth and Bruce as his boyfriends. Not that the family ever disapproved of Ashley dating two guys at the same time, but he still always felt a certain level of awkwardness to it. "Well, Mrs. Lansbury," replies Seth, "Cook's cooking is as good as ever. I'd go and tell her that, but I know I can't." "Well, I'll tell her that you said that, Master Seth," replies Mrs. Lansbury, "And yes, while you technically aren't a member of the family anymore, you're still not allowed in the kitchen. Or Cook will most assuredly throw a fit." "Well, you're right about one thing, Mrs. Lansbury," replies Ashley, "Cook will most assuredly throw a fit if anyone other then the household staff enters her kitchen. But, Seth, and Bruce are still very much so members of this family. Even if the three of us aren't together anymore, they always will be a part of this family." "Whatever you say, Master Ashley," replies Mrs. Lansbury, as she curtsies, and heads into the kitchen. "Thanks Ash," replies Bruce, "You don't know how much that means to Seth and I." "Hey, Preteen Girls it's no problem guys," replies Ashley, "The three of us were together for five years, and whether you like it or not, I still consider you two to be family, and I always will." "Yes, Seth, Bruce," replies Diana, "Ashley will always consider you family. He even insisted last Christmas on putting up your ornaments on the tree, despite the fact that you had broken up only a few months before that." "Yes, and this year I'm hoping that when we hang the Smith family ornaments, that Seth and Bruce will be here," replies Ashley, "For old times sake." "We wouldn't miss it for the world," replies Seth, as Bruce replies, "It's a little bit early to be making Christmas plans, but we'll do everything we can to be here, Ash." "Oh my, look at the time," replies Zachary, as he notices the time on the grandfather's clock, "I really have to be going. I need to get over to the high school and drop off the exams and lesson plans for the substitute. C-ya'll in about an hour or so." ---- Fifteen minutes later, the first period bell rings, as Zachary walks into Room 303, his classroom at the local high school. His class is assembled in their desks, and as he walks into the room, all conversation ceases, as expected. The students always do this, talk as loud as they please and whatever, until the teacher walks in and they then try to act like perfect angels. "Alright class, I can't stay long," replies Zachary, "You will have a substitute teacher for the remainder of the school year. However, Preteen Girls I will be keeping tabs on each and every one of you, and I will still be consulting with the substitute often, however she will be grading all of your work and tests. Speaking of tests, I happen to have your mid-terms here with me." A dead silence falls over the class room as Zachary puts his briefcase down on the desk and opens it. Zachary looks out over the students, as he removes the tests from the briefcase, before continuing to speak, "And I must tell you all that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in each and every one of you. I gave you two weeks advance notice that the mid-term was coming up, and told you to take your books home with you and study. We also reviewed for this test for three days, and yet each and every one of you failed. You know that any grade below a C is a failing grade in my class, and none of you got higher then a D. So, I'm telling you know, DO NOT think that just because I will not be here for the rest of the year, and you will have a substitute that it is time for you all to decide not to do any work. You're all going to have to bust your butts if you plan on passing this class." Zachary notices one of the students in the back row with his head down, laughing, and he quickly goes over to him, grabs the boy's hair and yanks his head up, "I would stop laughing if I were you, Mr. Johnson. Because as you well know, better then anyone in this class in fact, failing United States History means that you are not going to get promoted to the twelfth grade. But, of course you already know that very well, considering that you have failed both US History and the Eleventh grade three times and that you should already be a sophomore in college. Are you trying to get into the Guinness Book or something? 'The Oldest Student in the Eleventh Grade'? I can assure you that that wouldn't be an honor." All the other kids start laughing hysterically at Jeffrey Johnson, that is until Zachary yells, "SILENCE!!" at which point everyone in the room quiets down almost instantly. "Anyway, as I was saying, at this point in time, each and everyone of you are in very grave danger of failing this class, so if you want to get out of the eleventh grade, I suggest that you all work very hard from now until the end of the year. I have instructed your substitute to not hesitate to fail any of you who do not meet all of the requirements to pass this class. So you had better work hard if you want to be graduating at the end of next school year. "The substitute will be giving you a makeup of the mid-term exam in three days from now, and hopefully you will all do better on it then you did on the original, or you all will not only fail this class, but be like Mr. Johnson there and be repeating the eleventh grade. In an attempt to make sure that this doesn't happen however, I've hand picked your substitute and I think you'll all agree that I made a very good choice." "Please not, Agatha "Lady Hitler" Bradshaw," whispers one of the girls to one of her friends, who nods in agreement, "Please, anyone but her." "I'm sure that you'll all enjoy having Mrs. Bradshaw as your teacher," replies Zachary, as the classroom door opens, and in walks an elderly woman, "Ah, Mrs. Bradshaw, welcome. I'm Zachary Smith, and I'd like you to meet my first period US History class." "It's a pleasure," replies Agatha Bradshaw, "Now, let's get down to business shall we?" "Yes, that's a very good idea. You'll find complete lesson plans on the desk, and I want you to work these kids as hard as you can," replies Zachary, "Because at this moment, they're all in danger of failing my class, and I wouldn't want to delay their graduation anymore then necessary. I'm just going to write a note on the blackboard to my other classes, to explain my absence, and then you can take over, Mrs. Bradshaw." "Thank you, Mr. Smith," replies Agatha Bradshaw, as she puts her purse on the desk, and has a seat before beginning to look over the lesson plans for the rest of the year. Zachary takes a piece of chalk, and starts to write the note to his classes: To my Periods 1,2,4,5,6, and 8 US History classes: Due to personal matters, I have been forced to take the rest of the school year off, and you will have a substitute teacher, Mrs. Bradshaw. I'd like to take a moment to tell you just how very disappointed I am in all of you, since each and every one of you failed the midterm. You all had better start buckling down and hitting the books, or you will fail this class. And that of course means REPEATING the Eleventh grade next school year. I will be getting progress reports from Mrs. Bradshaw, however, she will be doing all of the grading, and I'm leaving it up to her whether or not to pass or fail you. If you value the idea of graduating from high school at the end of next year, I would strongly suggest that you do not take this time as a time to slack off, but to instead work very hard. I have instructed Mrs. Bradshaw to let all of you retake the mid-term exam in three days from today, and that anyone who gets less then a 'B' on the exam, will have an 'F' recorded in the grade book. If you think this is out of line, then you have nobody to blame but yourselves, since you're the ones who ignored me when I told you every day for two weeks to take your books home and study, and chose to goof off rather then listen when we were reviewing for the mid-term for three days in class. Sincerely, Mr. Smith P.S. And just so you all know, I've raised the passing grade for my class from C to B, so anyone getting less then a B as their final grade in this class is guaranteed to fail this class, and will be repeating both it and the eleventh grade next year. As Zachary finishes writing the note, he puts down the chalk, removes the remaining mid-term exams from his briefcase and takes it, replying, "They're all yours, Mrs. Bradshaw," as he turns the classroom keys over to her, and heads out of the room. As soon as Zachary is out of the room, and the door closed behind him, Mrs. Bradshaw stands up, removes her black linen blazer and puts it over the chair. "Alright you maggots, time to work your fingers to the bone," replies Mrs. Bradshaw in such a steely voice that it sends chills down the backs of each and every student. "This is going to be hell on earth," Preteen Girls whispers one of the boys to a girl sitting nearby, who nods, and whispers back, "Yeah." "SILENCE!!" yells Mrs. Bradshaw, as she once again sends chills down everyone's backs, not just from her yelling, but also from dragging her long fingernails across the blackboard. ---- "So, Seth, Bruce, have you guys been dating anyone since you broke up with Ash?" "Nope, we've been to busy to find a man." "Seth, I still don't quite understand how the two of you can be so close, that you want to date the same person. And that, as you know, is quite amazing that I can't understand it, since I have such a high IQ." "Yes, Diana, that is quite amazing that there's something you can't figure out," replies Bruce, "And Seth and I will just keep torturing you then and not tell you the reason why we like dating the same person." "As if we ever would, even if she did have some clue." "You two are just as hopeless now as you always have been." "Thank you," reply Seth and Bruce in perfect unison. About ten minutes later, Mrs. Lansbury walks into the room, and replies, "Miss Diana? Kevin Richardson is on the phone." "Thanks, Mrs. Lansbury," replies Diana as she takes the cordless phone from the housekeeper. "Hello, Kevin." "Hey Diana, I was just calling to find out when your dad's funeral is," replies Kevin, "My family, the guys and I would really like to come. Provided of course it's not on the same day as Kristin's or anything." "Well, I'm hoping that it isn't either," replies Diana, "Because we'd all like to come to Kristin's funeral as well, if possible." "Well, you're more then welcome to come," replies Kevin, "Kristin's funeral is in two days in Lexington, Kentucky." "Okay, well then there's no problem," replies Diana, "My father's funeral is in a six days in Middlebury, Vermont." "Okay, well, then my family, the guys and I will make arrangements to fly up to..." "Kevin there's no need to book plane tickets," replies Diana, "Ash, Zach, Kerr, Scott, and I will fly down on the Smith Industries jet, so you all can just fly up with us, since the jet will be there anyway." "Thanks, Diana," replies Kevin, "Alright, well, I suppose I should let you go now. I have a meeting with the funeral director in about an hour to wrap up a few loose ends." "Okay, Kevin, I'll let you go," replies Diana, "And we'll fly down tomorrow, okay?" "Alright, sounds good, Diana. See you tomorrow. Bye." "Bye," replies Diana as she hands the phone back to Mrs. Lansbury who leaves the room. "So, that was Kevin?" "Yes, Seth, it was," replies Diana, "Did you two want to accompany us to Kristin's funeral? You guys could meet the Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC." "Sure," replies Seth and Bruce, "So, when is it exactly?" "In two days. We should probably head upstairs and pack a few things," replies Diana, "We're flying out tomorrow after all." "Alright, let's go then," replies Seth, as Bruce replies, "It'd be nice to meet Jus... I mean them." "You were about to say Justin, Bruce," replies Diana, "Do you two have a crush on him?" Seth and Bruce just look at each other for a moment, and then Bruce replies, "Yeah, we do," knowing that that is not entirely true. ---- "So, Kevin, when is Donald Smith's funeral?" "It's in six days, mom," replies Kevin, "In Middlebury, Vermont." "Ah, okay. I suppose we should make arrangements for plane tickets." "That won't be necessary, mom. Diana has invited everyone to return to Middlebury with them on their company's jet." "Oh, okay, well, honey I know you have that meeting with the funeral director," replies Ann, "Did you want me to go with you?" "Thanks, mom, but I have to do this on my own." "Okay, honey," replies Ann as she pulls her son into a hug and kisses him on the cheek, before Kevin heads out to his car. "He's so young to have to be dealing with this," replies Ann, "But, I do hope that he won't spend the rest of his life mourning for Kristin. Especially not when I know he has begun to develop feelings for someone else." ---- "Kerr, everything is going to be okay," replies Scott, "I know you miss your Uncle Don, and I really wish that I could have met him. He truly did sound like a great guy, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be." "Yeah, I guess you're right," replies Kerr, "Scott?" "Yeah?" "Could you please make love to me?" "Are you sure? I mean your uncle died yesterday," replies Scott, "If you don't want to that's okay, I understand." "Scott, please, make love to me," replies Kerr, as he kisses Scott on the lips quickly before saying, "I wouldn't have asked you to, if I didn't want you to." "Alright, if you're absolutely sure," replies Scott, taking a moment to look deep into Kerr's eyes. "I'm sure, Scott," replies Kerr with a smile, as Scott simply nods, and gets up from the bed. "Well, then, if you'll start taking your clothes off, I'll go get a few things from the bathroom," replies Scott, as he heads into the bathroom. Kerr begins taking off his shirt, before standing up and quickly going over to the door and locking it. Last thing that he and Scott need are any unexpected visitors. Kerr also remembers to go over to the grandfather's clock, and reaching his hand behind it, flips down a small latch. The latch locks the secret panel which is concealed behind the clock. The Smith mansion is full of secret passages, and over half of the rooms in the house are all connected to one another via the small passages hidden in the walls. Kerr then walks over to the windows and closes the curtains, sealing the room in almost complete darkness. To create a romantic feel in the room, Kerr turns on the gas fireplace, and lights a few candles, as well as turning on the stereo and programming it to play some soft, romantic love songs. Kerr finishes undressing and then lies down on the bed, awaiting for Scott to emerge from the bathroom. Scott does so about a minute later, wearing nothing but a smile, holding a bottle of KY Jelly in one hand and a small foil wrapper in the other. Scott gives Kerr a seductive look before coming over to the bed, and leaning down to place his lips against Kerr's, as their tongues start wrestling around in each other's mouths. While they kiss, Kerr reaches up and pulls Scott down on top of him, as Scott begins Preteen Girls to grind his hips into Kerr's. After about a minute or so more of kissing, Scott breaks the kiss, and begins to kiss and suck on Kerr's neck, as Kerr runs his hands all over Scott's muscular back. After leaving a large cranberry-colored hickey on Kerr's neck, Scott briefly smiles at the love mark, before proceeding to kiss his way down Kerr's chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around on both of Kerr's now hard pecs. Then, not wanting to wait any longer, Kerr pushes Scott's head away from him, as he lifts up his legs and places them on Scott's shoulders. Scott simply smiles at Kerr, as he puts the small foil wrapper in his teeth and rips it open. Scott then hands the condom to Kerr, who in turn places it on Scott's raging hard member, as he smiles up at his boyfriend. Scott applies a generous amount of lubricant to his covered cock, as well as Kerr's hole. Scott then positions his tool at the entrance of Kerr's hole and looks deep into Kerr's eyes. In doing this, the unspoken question of "Are you ready, honey?" is asked, to which Kerr just nods and smiles. Kerr's smile is reflected on Scott's face as Scott ever so gently begins to push forward. Kerr winces in pain for a moment, but the pain passes almost as quickly as it came, and is replaced with overwhelming pleasure and ecstasy. Scott continues to push forward, slowly and ever so gently, until his entire length is enveloped in the warmth of Kerr's love canal. Scott leans downward and pulls Kerr into a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing erotically in each other's mouths, as Scott begins to pull himself out of Kerr, until only the head of his cock remains inside his gorgeous boyfriend, at which point he thrusts forward. "Mmmmph, oh Scott, oh yeah," moans Kerr, as Scott pulls out until just the head remains inside again, "Oh baby, that feels so good." "Oh Kerr, baby, you're so tight," replies Scott, as he thrusts forward again, "Oh, I love you, Kerr, my darling." Scott slows down his thrusting and leans down and starts planting kisses all over Kerr's chest as Kerr runs his hands through Scott's hair. Scott swirls his tongue around on Kerr's pecs again, before licking his lay up Kerr's neck and chin, until reaching his lips, as the two begin kissing each other passionately. As the kiss continues, Kerr's tongue darts in and out of Scott's mouth, as Scott's does the same. Scott and Kerr really do love one another, and the fact that they've been together for a little over two years now proves that. Which of course nobody in Kerr's family knew, as Scott and Kerr were dating secretly until recently. Part of this was probably due to the fact that for the first year or so of the relationship, even though Kerr knew that he loved Scott more then life itself, and couldn't see himself growing old with anyone else, he was still struggling with the idea of being gay, and didn't really want to admit that he was. This did put a bit of a strain on the relationship, but Scott, who also loved Kerr more then life itself, stood by him, because he was not willing to give him up for anything. This problem has only made their relationship even stronger and as things between them stand now, Hell will freeze over and Satan himself would suddenly sprout angel's wings and never do anything evil ever again, before Scott and Kerr would even consider breaking up. "Oh Kerr, darling, I'm so close," moans Scott, as he continues his thrusts, "Oh yes, I'm so close! "So am I, Scott, my love, so am I," moans Kerr. Kerr soon lets loose his load between his and Scott's stomachs. The tightening up of Kerr's muscles due to his orgasm pushes Scott over the edge, and he screams out Kerr's name as he releases his Preteen Girls
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